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My name is "Jason not Jesus", please trust me to be your guide as

 in this Life, I was asked to search, to connect, observe and explore the evolution of a "Species" capable of such beautiful things yet stuck in a reality that lacks such fundamental creativity. 

And it may all become a tremendous success,  if you let me in...

Who is the Dreamer?

It is somewhat difficult to explain the number of circumstances needing to align or unite, to obtain the outcome required by the Universe.

This preparation of Destiny by the Universe has taken many lifetimes to achieve, and for us to arrive at this given moment in time is more than a MIRACLE.

Where do I even start to explain who I am and where I have come from?

Will it change anything? What will you accept and even really care about?

What I can tell you is the Obvious, I am what society terms "a nobody", nobody special, just another human being, a worker, a waiter (service specialist / food transporter) for decades to be exact.

I too, like all my brothers and sisters,  have been subjected to some form of Education and preparation, to abide to the rules and Laws of this society we live in.

BUT I have always felt that this was very incorrect and somewhat unjust.

I am far from perfect, and learning to understand that perfection is impossible for Human Beings (I now understand that the only perfection that exists is the Sun, the Moon and the Stars), and accepting it has been part of the journey,

but still, I am "the Dreamer".

How far do we push looking for answers,

what kind of sacrifices need to be made?

When do we Unite in the name of True Love?

All I can tell you for the moment,

is that I am Normal ,

a human being just like you

and after everything I've seen and done,

the last thing I want to do is mislead you,

or Lie to you,

I NEED to be somebody you can trust.

The Universe or Light can only work this way!

As an artist or "learning to believe artist" we sometimes need to find our true talents,

then the time to learn and be creative

before finding a place where you feel at home.

The Universe is capable of creating and even forcing radical and powerful changes in your daily life, at work or even at home,

especially if you're not doing what you're meant to be doing right now.

The Universal Energies are currently flowing and the True Artist is Awakening.

The path may become unstable and difficult at times but have faith because if you believe, our love will heal universally.

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