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One thing that INSPIRES us at "Pushactivate" is children  ,

they are the most pure form of Love.

 With the aid of all parents and all the beautiful children in the world,

we wish to manifest and create change globally,

to an  Educational system/structure that could achieve so much more.

This is our SOUL MISSION

To promote a Positive, Creative and Transparent system of education that is organised in such a way that all religions are understood and practises like Buddhism, which include Meditation and Yoga, are a fundamental part of the "structure or foundation".

Essentially the practise of mindfulness,

as a part of "common" life,

would create miracles!

The urgency for all of society to unite for this one cause,

on its own, could be enough.

A clear reform of the education system is urgently required and this means a very well thought out strategy is vital,

but most importantly we need the parents!

 Then true power will

lay in the hands of the children!

"If ONLY the children of this planet knew,

the power they held as a whole united force,

we would bow down and be humbled by their choices."

If all children understood that together they could move oceans,

that their choices,

based on True Love,

would be the correct choices,

who and what is stopping us from creating this reality?

How can we deny this moment to exist?

There is is a way 

and it is essential that everybody,

of all races and all genders and all languages,

unite for just one time,

to stand up for the rights of our children,

the right for a Positive Future,

and if we do this,

its for our rights too,

and especially for our ancestors!  







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