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Pushactivate is a Dream,

A dream to find the truth,

it just seemed to be the only thing that made sense.

This "journey" began a very very long time ago,

definitely not in this lifetime!

These coincidences, signs or synchronicities could not be more obvious,

and now more than ever,

exist Real Signs of Evolution by the Universe in her intention to complete and fulfil her Destiny...

O N E   L O V E 

This Revolution Begins with Me!
Each Soul is Responsible for their Choices and Karma.

"There is a need to change everything to attain a higher vibration and this seems impossible sometimes in this Society we live in."

Here at "PushActivate" we are ready to EVOLVE

 and push through the pain to gain

something unique,
a connection,
a higher love and understanding.

So we Surrender to the power of God and this, Our Universe, which is constantly creating the energy needed.

The only question we have for you is "Are YOU ready to change?"

Our power is in our numbers so we need you!

Think about what Jesus did for us and what sacrifices you can make for the greater of mankind!
One Love
One Earth

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