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"Love has the power to change everything.
It has the power to unite us all as one.
It has the power to destroy all evil.
It is the ONE power which allows Peace to

Flourish and Flow.
Learn to Love,

but from the heart,

not the mind,

this is the challenge we face."

"The Essential is that which cannot be seen with the naked eye,

the Seed, which allows us to manifest our being,

is that which comes next...

So close to the essential we have been "designed" yet so far from it's natural beauty we choose to evolve.

The Seed is life and it's essence is within us all, choose to look inwards and connect with this universal blessing.
Our hope depends on it..."

"If you feel the force
You are the force.

Things may come and go but when you feel a force that motivates you, or drives you to get something good done, you notice "this energy".
There is a force building silently, listen to this force, use this force."

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